Have you ever seen some of those fun dogs in the movies or even seen some of those cool dogs owned by celebrities and thought, ‘I wonder how much that dog cost’ well, there’s a reason that movie stars and royalty buy them, the rarer something, the more expensive it is when it comes to buying it. some of these dogs are so rare that they almost went extinct.

Check out these most expensive dogs in the world:

1-Pembroke Welsh Corgi

One look at this dog and you might not think that it’s a cattle-herding breed because of their small and stocky appearance. After all, Corgi is Welsh for a dwarf dog but, it’s, in fact, one of the oldest and smallest breeds in the herding group and the reason is due to its intelligence. Someone could have paid up to two thousand dollars for one of these dogs but, it’s not quite as popular as it used to be and can be found for lower.

2- Akita Inu

This is Japan’s most famous dog breed and comes from the island of Honshu. This breed of dog is very loyal, courageous and headstrong DNA testing shows the breed is one of the most ancient belonging to the Spitz family of dogs. They were originally used for guarding and big-game hunting. They have incredible intelligence and have a lot of attention. They will generally live 10 to 12 years depending on these animals breed. They can cost you anywhere from around $800 to $2,000.


3- Peruvian Inca hairless

As its name implies, this dog doesn’t have any fur or heavy coat to contend with. It can have some short hair on its feet, on the top of its head, or on the tip of its tail. Breeders in Peru prefer completely hairless dogs, also called Peruvian Inca orchid, their skin color can range from chocolate brown, elephant gray copper or the dog may have mottled skin. The interesting thing is that eye color is linked to the skin and it is always brown. These dogs are slim and elegant they are affectionate with family but dislike strangers. Their price range begins from 600$ to 1000$.

4- French Mastiff

You might recognize this as the dog in the famous Tom Hanks classic film, Turner and hooch. If you’ve seen this film then you know how smart they can be. This dog was originally bred to be a fighting dog. It is large and fierce, the doggie de bordo is a massive breed that can grow between 23 to 27 inches at the shoulder, and weigh a minimum 110 pounds. The interesting thing about this animal, aside from its characteristics, is that it’s faced extinction during the 20th century and in 2013 there were only 5,000 known registered animals in the USA. That said it is a very rare dog breed and the cost of owning a puppy can be around one thousand to thirteen hundred dollars.

5- Samoyed Dog

These dogs were bred to work in the bitter cold as a sled dog and it is the reason their white coat is so fluffy and looks cool. You can even find Samoyeds in the Siberian town of om Yukon where temperatures of negative 60 degrees are common, but their thick white coat is enough to protect them against the cold. These graceful animals stand 19 to 23 inches at the shoulder and are incredibly smart. social and mischievous dogs who demand love and attention, and if not, will turn into a miserable and destructive creature. They’re among the top 100 in ranks of popularity in the USA. The cost of this animal can vary from 675 dollars to $1500.

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