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6 things your dog hates about you

6 things your dog hates about you

Number 5: Using words more than body language

Since dogs can understand what we say, apart from maybe a few phrases. They need to read our gestures to figure out what is wanted of them. So mixing verbal and physical, commands can be quite confusing for our animal buddies. Always try to make small gestures while explaining different commands to your dog.  That way it’ll be easier for your pet to understand you and do the right thing.

Number 4: Patting their heads

Reaching out and petting a dog is normal for us, while many of them will put up with their heads being tapped, most of them don’t really enjoy it. Like the rest of us, many dogs don’t like it when their personal space is invaded. Your pet realizes that it’s an act of love and approval, therefore, he or she would probably be happier if you would pet the back or rear instead of the head.

Number 3: Keeping eye contact

We can stare into the eyes of our furry friends for as long as we want, but keeping eye contact with a dog that doesn’t know you is inadvisable as it can trigger aggressive reactions. Again a lot of the human world rules don’t apply to the dog world, even if you’re trying to look friendly and smile. Looking a dog right in the eyes without blinking may be seen as the act of assertion and dominance. If you want to communicate with a new dog, don’t try to make strong eye contact.

Number 2: Lacking rules and structure

Dogs insist on an organized routine and they need to know where their limits are. Sticking with structure and enforcing rules will comfort them and help build their trust in you. Plus dogs don’t understand the concept of an exception. It’s better for them when the rules are strict and simple that way there will be no room for confusion.

Number 1: Keeping them on a tight leash


Dogs are masters at interpreting our thoughts and feelings through the leash. Holding it tightly signals to them that you are stressed, that makes them uneasy to keeping the leash loose tells them that everything is fine, and they can calm down as well. In any case, a tight leash is just overall uncomfortable for any dog. It’s much nicer when your pet feels a little more freedom to run and play.




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