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the 10 most dangerous cat breeds in the world

the 10 most dangerous cat breeds in the world

 number 9 the Savannah 

this cat is a crossbreed between the African servile and your common domestic house cat it has a long neck body and legs with dark brown to black spots all over its coat Savannah’s can weigh from 8 to 20 pounds and live up to about 17 years or more thanks to its exotic African ancestry owning this breed will come with a hefty price tag an active and intelligent type this green-eyed beauty sometimes acts more like a dog than a cat one of its favorite activities is playing fetch and you can actually walk this cat on a leash and here’s the real kicker it loves to swim this cat is adventurous and curious so it’s better to keep it indoors at the same time they require lots of mental and physical stimulation you also need an infinite amount of patience to deal with their playfulness and mischievous behavior expect turned on faucets open cabinets broken dishware nor the furniture and your toilet being turned into their private pool so basically it’s an adorable poltergeist the Savannah can also be quite aggressive towards strangers especially when they’re young so yes you can keep Savannah’s as pets but this breed is not for first-time cat owners

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